RecycleIT are partnered with the leading Data Cleaning Companies

RecycleIT have a number of different data erasure options available to suit all requirements. On completion of the data erasure, RecycleIT will provide you with a full breakdown report.

We are pleased to announce that our CESG software partner is Blancco. After doing extensive research and testing, we're sure that the Blancco system is the one that we can trust. They are a progressive, forward thinking company, constantly developing their software to meet the changing needs of the IT marketplace. Their data erasure solution has been given approval by ADISA for securely wiping Solid State Drives. Using Blancco we can securely erase the data from your:

  • · Hard Disc Drive (SATA, IDE, SSD, SAS, etc)
  • · Tablet device
  • · Smart Phone
  • · Flash Storage
  • · PC
  • · Laptop
  • · Server

Data Erasure

We know just how vital your data is, even if it isn’t needed anymore. That is why at RecycleIT all your equipment will follow the industry leading procedures for data erasure.

We work closely with some of the leading providers of CESG approved software, including Blancco, to ensure accurate, quality controlled and fully documented procedures. That is why we are able to guarantee that 100% of data is permanently erased from all IT equipment.

Full data erasure reports and certificates are archived for up to 7 years, and can still be tracked and matched back to the specific equipment you provided us with on the day of collection.


Our data and identification erasure process is:

  • All equipment tagged and barcoded

  • Hard Drive erasure up to CESG approved standard, up to 3 passes

  • Wiped media is asset tagged with a barcode and archived to the highest security standards

  • Equipment tested and asset recorded

  • Any remaining etching or client tags are removed before the equipment is reconditioned or recycled