Get Cashback for Your Old IT

If there’s value in your redundant IT, RecycleIT will help you find it. For 20 years we’ve been helping our customers safely and securely dispose of their IT, and earn cashback on the items they recycle.

Step 1

Call us on 0844 334 9653.

We’ll ask a few simple questions about your equipment.

Step 2

No matter how many items you have, and no matter what their condition, we’ll put a plan together to recycle them for you and guide you through the process. We promise we’ll keep things really simple.

Step 3

Once we’ve received your equipment and assessed it, we’ll send your cashback payment.

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Keeping your data secure

Your data’s safe with us. If there’s any information stored on any of the equipment you send us we’ll securely wipe it or shred the device to pellets.

Find out more about our security standards

Earn cashback on the IT you recycle. Call Recycle IT today.